Chon Donnelly

Chon’s career started off sedately in the realms of retail banking, becoming the youngest cashier in the region and to be a ‘relief’ cashier.  A position came up in the area sales team, working at events and shows which led to an opportunity to cross to a subsidiary to work in asset finance, becoming the second female representative to be taken on as sales representative for asset finance.

Chon B&W headshot partners2

She then was offered a role in the training department, designing and presenting in-house training courses and delivering sessions for the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA).

Having worked for the same company for 17 years, there was the option to take voluntary redundancy at the time of a major merger.  This gave Chon the opportunity to take a two year career break where she spent time improving her dressage with her Dutch Warmblood mare, Little Diva (Lucie) but ended up working one day a week at the area’s most prestigious (not to mention well stocked) saddlery and tack shop to provide extra stimulation.

A change in circumstances saw a temporary but rather drastic career change in pyrotechnics for the summer of 2002 before setting up the accounts side of a successful local small animal veterinary practice (first opinion and referral). A new challenge came in the form of working at the saddlery and tack store again which is when she went to assist at an equine exhibition at Docklands Arena and won a ‘Learn to Play Polo Lesson’ which got her completely hooked on polo!

Working at the polo club at weekends allowed her to take polo lessons and eventually Chon was headhunted by another polo club where she became club secretary and took the responsiblity for compiling the fresh content for their new website and all the club marketing, even completing all the design and layout and copy for the club yearbooks. This led to an opportunity to work for a well-known loyalty programme within the leisure industry within the internal communications & events department which she excelled at.

When that contract ended, Chon’s career path took a completely diverse turn in to the realms of working for a national mental health charity for the past eight years, as the same time still working at the polo club and co-delivering a bespoke Business Presentation & Negotiation course to partners of a Top 20 London accountancy firm.

Chon met her partner Jason, who suffered from PTSD, whilst working together at polo.  Their combined passion for horses and helping people was the inspiration behind Special Forces Horses and Polo Singles.

Chon first started riding at the age of four on her aunty’s pony, Lord Snudge and can still remember her first canter on him!